The starting point and common ground of Legal Gab has been the passion for music. It’s a story of encounters.

Micky Laborde and Jordi Pegenaute met when they were playing in different bands. Soon they came up with the idea of creating their own musical project. With the voice and the guitar already with their own identities, they needed to incorporate the right bass guitar and drums that would adjust to the creative process they already had. That’s when Bernat Guardia Arenas joined as bassist, and he was the one who suggested Pep Terricabras for the drums.

From the union of these four musicians, Legal Gab was born. The band has now become a reality: you can enjoy our songs and soon you will be able to see us live.

Jordi Pegenaute

Jordi Pegenaute is an instrumental arranger, producer and guitarist. During his musical career he has played many different genres, such as jazz, punk, pop and rock. Together with Sergio Facé he co-founded the musical production company pauner&ferri. They collaborated with many artists: T-Punch (jazz fusion); Loquillo y los Trogloditas (10 years of touring Spain); P.G. Band (supporting artist for Steve Vai in Barcelona and Madrid during their Sex & Religion tour); Jackson Browne (during the “Cántame mis canciones” tour with Jackson other invited artists); Sol Picó (dance); Toni Xuclà (Jazz and new music); Kanabis (funk/reague); Gringos (music and multimedia) and Amordiscos (jazz/fusion), to name a few.

Between his work as a producer, arranger and guitarist we can underline his collaboration with Gabriel Sopeña; Loquillo; Loquillo y los Trogloditas; Jaleo; Miguel Labordeta; Marc Martínez; Gema Recoder; The Sweet Escape; No Tinc Novia, among others.

Bernat Guardia Arenas

Bernat Guardia Arenas plays de bass guitar and the doublebass. He graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, with Cum Laude in Performance. He moves between different styles with ease, letting the jazz guide him. Thanks to music, he has been on stage in Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Holland, Italy, Greece, France, Scotland, USA and Cape Verde. He has worked for some of the most important companies in Spain, such as Sol Picó o Comediants (apart from Gospel Viu, Pedro Javier González, Ivó Oller, Terrae Ignota Gharana, Marc Parrot, Yacine & The Oriental Groove, Gertudis, Los Manolos, Bino Barros, etc.).

Pep Terricabras

Pep Terricabras plays the drums, which, complemented by the bass guitar, marks the rhythm of the band. He has a similar background to Bernat, and they shared identical stages and international tours, apart from many performances in the Catalan and Spanish music scene. He formed part of several bands, such as La Troba Kung-fú; Vicente de Castro “Parrita”; Los Banos; Los Manolos; Els Catarres; Gertrudis, among others. He has been on stage on festivals around the world: from the Global Fest and the Lincoln Center, both in New York; the Lowlands in Holland; the Festival Alegría in Morocco; the Barbican Center in London; Kennedy Center in Washington; the Festival Cervantino in Mexico; to the White Nights Festival in Russia. In Catalonia he played at the Festival Cruilla, Grec and Fringe Festival.

Micky Laborde

Micky Laborde is the voice of Legal Gab, guitarist since he was 13 years old and writer of the lyrics. He studied at the EMB (Music School) of Badalona for almost 10 years. During his career, he has been the guitarist of several bands (Private Soul, No tinc Novia, The Pop, The Cloudfields) and he has also played the bass and double bass. The heart of the lyrics combined with the chords progression creates the sound of the band.


Legal Gab: The horizon of music.

Legal Gab is a band that wants nothing else than to create music. Micky Laborde (voice and lyrics); Jordi Pegenaute (Guitar and production); Bernat Guardia Arenas (bass) and Pep Terricabras (drums) have participated in several music projects of diverse nature and genres. All this past experience has made it possible for them to speak the same language through their instruments.

Each of the members, with their distinctive influence, integrated in this consistent project and now, after two years of work, they have recorded their first EP.

The sound of the band was shaped with the duos. First with Micky and Pege: combining voices and guitars – harmony and connection between the two of them. Since they don´t follow conventions, their songs are in English and in Spanish. “The lyrics are based on humanistic philosophy. There are stories with light and some with shadows. They are written in English and in Spanish, it’s the way they come out when I compose”.

The stories they perform could have happened to anyone: there are love stories, disagreements and even critique on everyday issues. “My personal battle is against oppression of any kind, because it´s always harmful. I´m attracted to any liberation movement”, Pegenaute clarifies.

Legal Gab sounds thanks to the inspiration and influence of all their members. For them it´s not as important where they come from, but where they are headed.


Js Pain

Close to Lose


So Loud

Official videos and songs

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